Stop Making These 5 Email Marketing Mistakes

Let’s start by addressing email marketing as a strategy.

Email marketing is regarded as the most fundamental type of marketing investment; this is mainly due to the fact that email marketing has existed for over 15 years and has had little to almost no changes to its efficiency. When referring to email marketing, we address a lead generation funnel that involves a series of emails that would attract, segment and close a lead based on their interest and choice.

So what are the most common mistakes that business owners make when addressing email marketing? 

1. Winging it! NO PLAN

“No Plan? It’s ok I’ll wing it!” approach doesn’t work here.

Creating a campaign and driving traffic is only 5% of the work. You need to know what to write, how to write it and when to send it. Content Calendars are the best tools invented to date.

For instance, a massage therapist will send an email about how to relieve muscle pain after swimming in summer and what to do after skiing to lessen the muscle tension in winter.

To have an idea of how many emails to send you must first understand what the bare minimum that your readers would accept. For instance, MarketingSherpa survey recommends sending at least one email per month. This recommendation is based on survey results indicating that over 90% of businesses prefer at least a single email or another form of communication.

Keep close tabs on the news and events and respond accordingly. Large events would generate more considerable traction and would ultimately tell your readers that you are well informed on the matters of the world.

2. It’s about Value, not Quality!

Here is a concept that most business owners do not get, and ultimately confuse themselves. There is a significant difference between a quality article and a relevant article. It won’t make a difference if to your readers if you write a thesis or a newspaper quality blog if it doesn’t serve their needs.

Keep your blog relevant to your readers’ interests. 

Don’t leave the writing to the last minute. Set aside at least 30% more time than you think you will need. It takes some time to get going and although, time may be of shorts, it is necessary to create a well-polished email.

We understand that running a business takes considerable time; we have writers and content specialist that can write professionally written email on any topic ready to execute.

3. Same Old Subject Lines

The subject line is perhaps the most critical aspect of a successful email. Subject line would decide whether an email is opened or trashed. Simply put, it is your first impression.

Moreover, we all know, first impressions last!

Subject lines must be attention-grabbing, personable, friendly and relevant.

Don’t use the same old subject lines that you see in your mailbox. Ultimately different audience has different pressure points. To better understand the pressure points, analyze the open rate of your emails and create subject lines based on the data.

4. Sending Emails at the Wrong Time

Just like breakfast, people tend to check their emails at specific times of the day. There are times when opening an email may be a better than another. The best way to analyze the best time is to pay attention to email success rates. Although the time is subjective and can change, maintaining consistency in sending emails can benefit you in the long run.

5. Not Automating The Process

Look! We all know that running a business takes time. Most successful business owners also understand that investing a little time now can save lots of time in the future.

Setting up an automatic funnel can save you lots of time and effort later, as automating the email marketing process is one of the easiest automation methods in marketing today!

There are many automation tools in place for auto email responses, bots, segmented emails that you can invest into.

An easier way to lessen the burden is by allowing somebody else to manage your email marketing. Email marketing yields an average 4,100 percent return on investment, and for every dollar spent, marketers see an average $42.15 in return.

Whatever you choose to do with your business, success is achieved by avoiding the commonly made mistakes mentioned in this article. When you take the time to handle your email marketing efforts the right way, success will follow.