I have decided to lean away from my everyday spill about starting a business and how this will help you with your finances. It is understandable that having a business is not for everyone and is not a secret that a whole lot more people are concerned about their returning, forever piling student loans and unmanageable mortgages. Is there a good way to save enough capital for everything and maybe keep a little investment line for a personal start-up? So how do you pay off your loan faster? Or are you close to retirement? Where to put your money?
After working in the financial industry for over half a decade I can say that there are a lot fewer people considering traditional investment options and resort to gambling, stocks ( another form of gambling) or cryptocurrencies. And although these methods can potentially bring a very high ROI, they have a considerably higher risk. And yet with low investment interest rates, there aren’t many options for people in today’s day and age to make a stable income upon retirement, thus the public panic is justified.

-“So, what is a secure, profitable or at least stable investment option today?”



So where is the silver lining?

As unfortunate as it sounds, there isn’t one. However, there are options that can be less risky than others and require virtually no initial costs. Invest in yourself! Educating yourself on the ever-changing market would be the most beneficial investment that you can make today. Wait !!! Before you start talking about universities and colleges, stop for just a second. Of course, traditional education used to have its benefits, notice how I say used to. But who am I to say that traditional education yields little positive in today’s market, listening to people that dropped out to start their own business that grew into a multibillion-dollar industry would make more sense. ( Elon Musk doesn’t care if you have a college degree.) While I am no advocate for modern self-education, I believe that universities lack personalization in education and are still focused on profit. While going to university and then starting work I find that while it was a great place to socialize with people from various backgrounds the knowledge obtained in university was almost never utilized in my everyday work. – “Saving money can only happen if there is sufficient money made.”

But if you are still looking for the perfect program to follow it may be worth considering learning. I have started my journey to autonomous from something I have never learned in college. Digital Marketing!

It is true that I had to invest a substantial amount of funds into educating myself, however with internet progressing to a point where real professionals are able to share their knowledge, the cost has now been reduced to a fraction of what I had to pay to learn the strategies behind a solid digital marketing strategy. One of the relatively interesting programs offered today is by However digital marketing is not the only available option.

“Don’t search for wealth, do what you love and wealth will find you.”


Rest of the Story:

One skill that we all have, that can be sharpened and made into a business tool is writing. Writing is something that we all can do, and there have been many bloggers that secured their retirement by simply writing about their thoughts, experiences and knowledge. Now, learning how to write properly, to engage readers and provide value doesn’t come easy and require training. One of the best training websites for writers today is Writing Jobs Online Central. The writing education provided teaches you about headlines, titles and high traffic topics. It also helps you find a job in the industry. The list doesn’t, however, stop there.