How To Get Started With a Personal Contractor Website

Starting a website is not an easy task, especially when one is not very familiar with web development, coding or design. Thankfully today we have a multitude of various options to when it comes to creating a website.
Website builders like Wix, Go Daddy Web builder, WordPress CMS allow for easier access to web development technology.

There are however hicks to choosing either platform.
Let’s start by addressing the idea of a website, and how it all works.

Think of a website like a building a house.


  • Address of your website is called a DOMAIN =
  • The land where you build the house is HOSTING SERVER = 1&1, AWS, GoDaddy, Google Cloud, etc
  • The size of your website would determine the time of the server that you need to get. Larger e-commerce websites with thousands of products and millions of users would need either a dedicated server or a number of them.
    In other words, this server would only contain the information on your website.

building a website for contracting busienss



Smaller websites like company websites that only have a few pages can be placed on considerably cheaper shared servers. (Sometimes called Economic Hosting)

Economy hostings can be very inexpensive (Some hosting companies like 1&1 offer hosting solutions for as low as 1$/month) and would provide to be a great way to start playing around with your website.

I have included the link to the promotion below.

1&1 Web Hosting For 1$/Month Promo


Once the domain and hosting are ready to go, it’s now time to decide on building the website.
As mentioned before Wix and Squarespace are both great options however in both cases the user must pay a monthly fee.
In addition, both platforms can be very limited in terms of functionality.
Wordpress is a free content management system that comes with many hosting companies, including the above-mentioned 1&1.

For more advanced users, I would suggest learning to use AWS or Google Cloud Dashboard, as well as these server solutions, offer storage and integration.


Once WordPress is installed the user can now go ahead and choose a website theme. There are various themes available on WordPress. Many of them are free to use. Themes can also be purchased from websites like colorlib or ThemeForest for as low as 60$ per theme.

Once the theme is installed it is time to get designing.