Getting More Customers For My Small Business

It is not a mystery that a business can only develop if it has sufficient traction and a customer base. Starting a business can be a hard task especially for those who are new to the digital world. Where 10 years ago a newspaper advertisement would do the trick, today a newspaper advertisement will not only waste your time but also tarnish your reputation as a contemporary business. The changes are not all bad considering that digital marketing if done right can attract 5 times the number of customers that a newspaper ad would. So what is the trick to getting more customers for your small business?


“There are no tricks really. It is simply a persistent attitude and knowledge of 3 concepts of strategic marketing.”


Getting More Customers For My Small Business

So how do you do that?

*Know What Your Customer is Searching For*:

Knowing what your customers are searching for, in a literal sense of this statement would help you build a comprehensive SEO plan that would move your webpage up the rankings. SEO would promote your website to a higher rank on search engines and would get more customers to click on your website link. Knowing keywords is not only useful for organic ( unpaid) search. It is also very important for paid advertising.

*Understand the Importance of User Interface:*

Now you have increased your website traffic. But for some reason, there are no sales or leads. Why is that? Why is it that you have many potential customers knocking on your door and when you open it, they disappear. The reason for this is your website User Interface. Your website must be convertible. There is the psychology of human interaction with your webpage. One of the best ways to understand the area where your future customers click is by using heat maps and View analytics tools. It is important to have a Call to Action button somewhere on the website so that your potential customers are able to action an inquiry.

*E-Mail Marketing Can Turn The Key:*

No sale? No worries, there is a way to still convert your lead. Email marketing has existed for over 20 years. It is still a widely used technique to refer back to a lead. The reason the initial sale failed was that customers rarely buy into the first offer presented. Repeated offers are more likely to sell. It can also be related to the timing of the offer. While having a call to action button to attract more customers to request information it is also important to some sort of email collection form.

It is true that I had to invest a substantial amount of funds into educating myself, however with internet progressing to a point where real professionals are able to share their knowledge, the cost has now been reduced to a fraction of what I had to pay to learn the strategies behind a solid digital marketing strategy. One of the relatively interesting programs offered today is by However digital marketing is not the only available option.

Well, these 3 methods have been proven to work for many years and are considered to be the foundation of inbound marketing. Attracting more customers for your small business is not a rocket science and can be achieved relatively easily if sufficient effort is placed on achieving the following 3 strategic objectives.


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