7 Service Business Ideas That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Have you heard this term before? “SAAP – or Service as a Product. It’s a popular term used in modern-day business development, primarily in the IT industry. However this business model is not limited to technology, it can go well beyond the tech borderline. Consumers, enterprises and small businesses look for convenience and affordability. If you can provide at least one of the two, you are ready to start your service business.
Below are seven service business ideas that cost almost nothing to start and you have likely not heard of them before.

1. Professional Organizer

This may sound like the classic, ” Honey, I don’t know where my keys are! Have you seen them?” case. But it is far from it. A professional organizer is an actual profession and can be a very rewarding one. It is very different from a cleaner. Organizers focuse on psychology behind the usage of space, work environment and accessibility to deliver convenience and comfort.

7 Service Business Ideas That You Probably Haven't Heard Of

2. Baby-Proofing Services

Warning! Babies are dangerous. You must protect your house from any potential threat!
Not exactly…
Although young parents, that don’t have a lot of experience with kids would appreciate if their house posed fewer threats to their toddlers.

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3. Private Shopper

Have a shopping addiction? No Problem!
While being a private shopper can satisfy many of your needs, it can also help elderly that require help with their groceries, prescription drugs, and clothes. While Amazon has mostly occupied the online shopping medium, there are still individuals that lack the personal touch! You may be the one filling tha gap!

7 Service Business Ideas That You Probably Haven't Heard Of

4. Business Support Services

Small business can not always afford an admin staff. Just like many other businesses, small companies may outsource work. Whether it helps with data entry, mailing, filing, scanning, or printing you may be their solution.

5. Packing/Unpacking Services

Moving isn’t everyone’s favorite hustle. The whole process can be very stressful, and for working professionals, the process can take months. Packing/Unpacking services provide a stress-free process that makes everything seem easy.

6. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping services are very similar to food critiques. In essence, this is a quality assurance process that can be very lucrative. When hired by a client, mystery shoppers would shop at the clients’ store and rate the experience.

7. Resume Writer

Yes, you no longer have to write your resume. In fact, in many cases, you really shouldn’t. Resume writing service provides audit reports that evaluate clients resume and offer rewrites that are tailored to each person and their experience.

7 Service Business Ideas That You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The following ideas were somewhat interesting, but we are curious to hear your opinion or suggestions on what business to start in 2019.