5 Social Media Marketing Tools For A Small Business

Running a business may seem like a walk in a park to some. However, those of us who ventured upon this quest know the truth behind the so-called freedom.

Unlike a 9 to 5 job, running a business does not have a start or end time. Work never guarantees income and doing anything outside of focusing on the company itself is very difficult. Those of us who understand the importance of having communication with our clients, building relationships and advertising our brand, know that social media is a single outlet of engagement that can provide a direct value in all of these areas. However, knowing and understanding how social media can be beneficial to your business does not make it easier to manage it.

Here are five social media marketing tools that are designed not only to make social media marketing an everyday routine but also increase your engagement and participation rate.

1. Canva

Some of you who know what Canva is might laugh and say, “How does an app help you market your business?”

The truth is that I haven’t had a campaign ran without Canva for the last three years.

The beauty of Canva is the fact that it is a free application and has both visual and text integration. In addition to some paid content, you have an option of selecting copyright free material that is used for graphical posts, and it is especially useful as it allows you to configure your content for any social media medium.

small business marketing tools-canva

2. Buffer

Buffer can count as my BFF. Buffer is a post scheduling app that allows you to schedule posts for multiple social media outlets for weeks, months and even years ahead of time.
Running a business can be busy and scheduling your posts a week ahead can be a lifesaver. It is also essential to use Buffer as every niche has a different engagement peak. Engagement peak is a specific time of the day when your audience is most active. In addition to that, this peak can be different on different platforms. Organizing posts ahead of time would give you the advantage and help you better analyze results while focusing on your actual business.

small business marketing tools-buffer

3. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is one of the top market targeting apps out there.

Facebook Audience Insights can target people based on geographic location, gender, job, education, and more.

However, most importantly Insights allow you to target clients based on purchase behavior, previous search interests and even see what pages/groups the target audience have visited and liked.

Besides, facebook audience insights can be used both for Instagram and facebook, and that doubles the benefit.

small business marketing tools-facebook audience insights

4. HootSuite

Have you ever heard the term, social media listening tools?

Well, “Social Media Listening,” tools are precisely what they sound like.

HootSuite scans through your entire account and or other social media accounts (i.e., competition) and searches for specific words, phrases or merely any post or comment that relates to you or your business.

This way you can always keep tabs on what people say about you and comment and engage with your followers promptly. Besides, it is still useful to have a tool to spy on your competition or catch the newest trends surrounding your industry.

small business marketing tools-HootSuite

5. Followers App (Previously Followers+)

Have you ever had a person follow your channel, comment, like and once you follow them back as you feel that their content may be interesting they unfollow you right away?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to track people that unfollow you?

Many applications inherently do this same function, however, “Followers” has been out there for a long time and does have a very intuitive interface and reasonable pricing for those who don’t like advertising.

“Followers” is a tool that allows you to track your followers count on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. It allows you to see what followers engage with your content as well as followers that have unfollowed you, blocked you or have been commenting on your Instagram or Twitter.

small business marketing tools-followers+

The following tools are the best marketing tools for a small business. The reason we justify these tools is simple. They are designed to automate the marketing process and add more time for business owners to focus on their business rather than on their social media marketing.