4 Simple Social Media Marketing Tools To Help Your Business Grow On Instagram

900 million users and no luck with the engagement game? Instagram is a compelling marketing and branding tool for the right business. Part of the reason why companies prefer Instagram to other social networks is due to its purity. Yes, yes, I know how that sounds; however, this is the closest word that my mind can come up with when describing this social media network.

Instagram still carries its untainted label in comparison to social networks like Twitter for example. Part of the reason why Instagram is considered to be clean is that it is. Clean of what; you may ask? The answer is SPAM.

Having followers on Instagram has a straightforward correlation to your engagement, now that’s not always true, and yet it is mostly accurate, especially when comparing it to other social networks. That said, how can a brand new user start to build an audience on Instagram?

This is what you SHOULD NOT do!

1. Follow and unfollow users.

First of all, that’s incredibly annoying and is not doing your brand or company any justice.

Secondly, many Instagram marketers use various monitoring tools that can tell when someone has unfollowed them. That being said, if the channel that you have followed does not work well with your content you are more than welcome to unfollow it, however using this as a strategy is not going to help you much.

2. Buy followers!

So, many people have asked us if it is worth buying followers? Where initially that may increase confidence in your brand, it is not necessary. Also, purchase fake followers will only mess with your analytics when your account grows large enough.

If these are bad options, what can I do to increase following on my Instagram Organically?

Here are some great social media marketing tools that will help you do just that!

1. SocialDrift

Social drift is an automation tool designed for Instagram. It is excellent for beginners because it takes all of the repetitive work out of the equation. SocialDrift would target followers based on hashtags, gender, and location and would periodically follow users, comment and like their content.SocialDrift would also unfollow users that do not engage well with your content and drive more conversations around your brand. It is not, however, a free application although a trial is available.

social drift marketing tool - Crystal Fuse Solutions

2. Buffer

Buffer is a great application that focuses on the second most crucial aspect of Instagram management, and that is content. Content can drive lots of engagement and increase following on your account like magic, however, posting new content every day is a very daunting task. With Buffer, you can pre-schedule all of your posts a week ahead and not worry about posting content throughout the day.

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3. Woobox

Woobox is a great marketing tool that utilizes gamification and reward-based system to drive engagement. By using WooBox, you can create Surveys, games and other interactive contests to engage your followers on a weekly basis while driving traffic to your desired destination.

woobox marketing tool - Crystal Fuse Solutions

4. Owl Metrics

No one can tell how well a campaign did without a dedicated analytics tool. Owl metrics is the most comprehensive all in one solution to metrics and analytics, and it packs quite a punch! With Owl metrics analyzing campaign and making necessary optimizations is a breeze!

owl metrics marketing tool - Crystal Fuse Solutions