3 Ways To Increase Client Engagement On Your Business Channels

We all know that there is quite a bit of difference between having a Facebook page and having an active Facebook page. There is nothing quite like having a social media channel that gets no likes, comments or questions. However, this is the reality of 60% of small businesses. To describe the feeling in one word;

” It’s a downer!”

Increasing engagement on your social media page isn’t impossible, although at times it may feel this way. Neither do you need a Harry Potter with his magic wand to create miracles for you! You need, consistency and these four methods to boost up your campaigns.

1. Content

This one is a no-brainer! Content is the fundamental reason why clients and customers would be interested in your business. Social media marketing centers around content. Have you ever heard this expression? “Content is the King!” Here are some tips on how to use content to increase engagement.

Instagram – Instagram is visual content based platform and can genuinely be a gamechanger if your business is product based. It is important not to forget that service is a product as well and as long as there is a story that can be told using videos or images, Instagram is a game!

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Facebook – Businesses that thrive on Facebook use both visual and text-based content. In recent years videos have become very popular on Facebook and can yield better results than on YouTube.

LinkedIn – What used to be a straightforward portfolio/resume network has become the biggest B2B marketing platform. If your business is B2B based than this should be your haven. LinkedIn content must be high-quality contextual content that would be of benefit to individuals in any industry.

Don’t forget: You are providing content to professionals and potential clients.

Twitter – Twitter is essential for business engagement. Many clients would seek updates about business on Twitter. Especially if those updates are centered around hours, promotions or complaints. Answering questions seem to be the easiest on Twitter and can build long-lasting trust around your brand.

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Blogs – Blogs are an integral part of digital and content marketing. Having a channel where your business can share valuable content can be a game changer not only from a social media perspective but also from an SEO perspective. Writing articles would most definitely create a topic for discussion and further your engagement strategy.

2. Hashtags

When I say Hashtags, people tell me; ” Are you kidding me?”

The truth is that hashtags are an integral part of 40% of currently existing social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all use hashtags to extend content to a relevant audience. Instagram especially is very open to hashtag use.

So how are hashtags useful for engagement. Organizations have been using hashtags for engagement for years now, those of us who don’t notice it is not paying attention.

Let’s go back in time for a second and remember the all favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What started as a daring competition, extended to a global phenomenon. ALS Association has raised millions of dollars through this challenge. The question is, how did they do it?

The terms of the challenge were, either donate or dump an ice bucket over your head.

“If you dump the bucket hashtag #ALSicebucketchallenge.

The challenge has expended through nominations and reached a staggering $104 Million in donations by the end of summer of 2014. Using hashtags around contests, events and other company based activities can act a great way to raise awareness and increase conversations about your brand or product.

3. Gameification

Mentioning the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the previous paragraph raised about another commonly used strategy in marketing to increase engagement around brands.

This strategy is called Gamification.

Gamification is a method of creating various tasks and challenges around your brand, product or event with potential incentives. An excellent example of Gamification or Incentification is a campaign introduced is Starbucks For Life.

strbucks for life challenge- crystal fuse solutions - digital marketing agency

Starbucks has created a classic wheel of fortune game in conjunction with a monopoly integration allowing clients to participate by buying coffee or commenting, sharing or emailing their friends.

Starbucks for Life is an excellent example of gamification with tasks that are focused on engagement and incentifying of functions.