3 Thing That Your Boss Doesn’t Understand About Email Marketing

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you? You are standing in your managers’ office pitching an idea about how your company can benefit from automation in content delivery, and you get one of the two responses.
“Sounds like an interesting idea, I will look at it later.” or “Hmm, I don’t think our budget will allow it.”
After asking professionals in all walk of life, we have compiled a list of 3 things that your boss does not understand about email marketing.

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3 Thing That Your Boss Doesn't Understand About Email Marketing

1. Effectiveness

Don’t be surprised, but even in the 21st century, some people still believe that the best way to market to a large number of people is by word of mouth. Now I am not here to disagree with this statement. Networking is a critical aspect of any business. However, companies that rely on networking alone will not scale. The competition will choke the business in a matter of months.
Doing it the old way will no longer cut it. Here is the sentiment, your boss is likely a stubborn person that has been doing things their way for a very long time and has probably seen some success in the way that they’ve been doing things. It is also likely that they are not on the same wavelength with the change that happened 30 years ago when the internet was discovered.
A person that has been successful for 30 years will likely question your idea; simply because for them, it is a proof of concept.

2. Potential ROI

Where is the return when there is no investment? This concept sounds extremely funny to me. I always feel that it doesn’t make sense. Some individuals have a fundamental belief that if advertising does not cost tens of thousands of dollars, it is a scam.
Your boss may simply choose not to invest because email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing options in the realm digital marketing.

3. Benefit

Seeing benefits of spending money to build a subscription list is hard. Email marketing does, however, show a quick ROI in comparison to other forms of Digital marketing, like SEO for instance. And yet convincing someone that spending a few hundred dollars a week to drive ads to a page to transfer those visits into emails is a good strategy is difficult.

Can you blame them? YES!!! We can.
In conclusion, in order to get that signature on your proposal, you have to be able to get through these three walls of shame.
Can you do it?