3 Reasons To Use Bing Ads Over Google Ads

When we think PPC or Pay Per Click Ads, there three primary platforms that come to mind, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook.

While Facebook is more of a competitor in Display ads market and is limited to Facebook, Instagram and Facebooks other partner Networks. Bing and Google, on the other hand, are the two major Search and Display ad markets.

Comparing Bing and Google wouldn’t really be a fair game as professional advertisers view the two as compliments and not competitors. However, there are advantages to both networks.
Here are 3 reasons or rather areas where Bing Ads are superior to Googles.

1. Audience Maturity: Bing Ads

Depending on campaign, target demographic and product a need for a more mature audience can be vital to the success of the ad. Bing now is claiming 34% of the desktop search engine market share worldwide.Bing Ads 3 reasons why use bing over goolge

So what does this mean?


According to studies, individuals using desktop are typically falling in the age group of 30-60.

Bing Ads 3 reasons why use bing over goolge
It is also reported that individuals in that age group on Bing have a higher household income. ($70,000+)


Bing Ads 3 reasons why use bing over goolge

For Campaigns that are targeting individuals with higher income bracket, Bing is clearly superior and more cost-effective.

Earn $100 in search advertising when you spend $25 in Bing Ads.* With one ad buy through Bing Ads, your business can connect with millions of searchers on the Bing Network.

2. Cost of Ads: Bing vs Google

Now Bing is not the largest network out there, although it does incorporate three search engines. (Yahoo, AOL, and Bing)
On the contrary, it is very cost-effective and does require a smaller budget than Google for successful campaign execution.
The reason for this is the lack of keyword competition.

Bing Ads can be on average 60% less costly than Google ads. (In particular CPC)
Now cheaper doesn’t always mean better, the quality of Bing traffic can vary thus optimizing campaigns and analyzing results and analytics is a must when it comes to Bing.

3. Source Transparency

Transparency is perhaps the most important variable when comparing the two. Bing Ads offer advertisers complete transparency.
Something that Google has offered in the past and has taken away in the past five or so years.

Bing ads show advertisers the exact source of the traffic where Google would hide certain traffic sources and variables such as keywords from the report.

So Should You Use Bing Over Google?

It is really not a question you should be asking.
Both Bing and Google are valuable tools and to maximize the success of a campaign should be used hand in hand.
There are however instances where Bing is superior to Google and can fill in your digital gaps.


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