10 Small Business Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing To Start (2018)

We all have had a thought to one day abandon the daily 9 to 5 boredom and start our little venture. We live only once and as times are changing, starting and operating a small business becomes more and more accessible to the general public. I have decided to put together a list of top 10 business ideas that have seen a recent uptrend in popularity and best of all, they cost nearly nothing to start.

1. Online Dating Consultant

No, it’s not a scam! Believe it or not, there are many individuals out there that are struggling with forming relationships and would benefit from a digital wingman or a winglady. Creating a blog, a youtube channel or another form of communication with the public would better your reputation, and the ability to turn a phrase would undoubtedly be an advantage in this industry.

Photo by Austin Loveing on Unsplash

2. Resume Writer

Don’t laugh! I am serious. As a marketing consultant, I myself have been a client of a resume writing company. Not every one of us is able to represent ourselves adequately. Where a prior experience in HR would be an asset, it is not necessarily required. If you can recognize how to correctly format, organize and present information this may be a very lucrative business. I have paid $150 for someone to write a resume for me.

3. Business Plan Designer

This one is my favorite on the list. I have recently dealt with two exceptional AI Product developers that had a fantastic idea that they were pitching at a networking event. Unfortunately, their business plan was a mess, and seasoned investors that otherwise would have been very interested in the idea have disregarded the project. Creating a fillable form for a business plan can be a great way to start a service and consult your clients on the rest of their work.

4. Social Media Consulting

Social media consumes over 60% of our time daily, and it’s not likely that this number would decrease any time soon. Being able to maneuver yourself around the digital forest and come out on top is what’s expected of a social media consultant. You must have a firm understanding of how social media works, what’s trending and popular and how you can utilize this to your clients’ advantage.


5. Menu and Food Consulting

Are you into cooking? Great! Your local restaurants may need your help with their seasonals. If you have culinary skills, have worked in the industry or have a passion for food, i.e., have a food blog or vlog, you can advertise your expertise to your local restaurants that very often hire consultants to help them with their special or seasonal menu.

6. Lead Generation Specialist

Having the ability to generate a lead, close that lead or create an opportunity for a business to close the lead is a very lucrative skill. Any service based business would pay for a hot lead. If you have what it takes to generate a sale than this job is for you.

7. Blogger

Being able to create a digital product or content requires some creativity but more than that it requires one skill that every one of us already has, the writing skill. If you can find the right topic, niche or theme you can create content that would more than likely be useful to someone. Bloggers that can create such information are frequently hired by large companies to write reviews about their products and service.

8. Affiliate Marketing or Sponsored Content

If you have an audience on your blog, youtube channel, facebook page, Instagram or other digital form or medium, this job is for you. Affiliate marketing would imply promoting services of other company by writing about them, creating a video or just sharing their advertising on your website. Affiliate marketers generate commission rates based on sales.

9. Food Delivery Services

For this one, you may require a car however in most large cities you can make do with a bicycle. The food delivery industry has grown with new delivery services being introduced everyday. Uber Foods, Foodora, and Doordash all use the Uber concept to delivery by empowering drivers to pick up as many orders as they want.

10. Fitness/Nutrition Coach

Do you see at least 4 of your packs? Great! You can start by sharing your fitness journey with individuals that are looking to get into shape. Creating a fitness program that can benefit others may be a great way to start a personal business.

Photo by Austin Loveing on Unsplash

The following business ideas require little to no initial cost. In many cases, you need a good internet connection and some time.
Let me know which one is your favourite if it didn’t make the list I would still love to hear about it!